Sunday Worship

10am and 7pm

For added warmth,  and energy conservation, evening services are being held in the Gathering Area

Upcoming Services

Sunday 23 September
10am Pentecost 18
7pm Worship – Combined Service to celebrate 125 years of women’s suffrage
You are invited to an ecumenical service celebrating 125 years of women’s suffrage. The service has been organised by inner city clergy in collaboration with the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the National Council of Women.
All Saints’ Church, 786 Cumberland St, Dunedin

Sunday 30 September
10am Pentecost 19
7pm Worship – Communion

Sunday 7 October
10am Pentecost 20 – World Communion
7pm Worship

Sunday 14 October
10am Pentecost 21
7pm Worship

Sunday 21 October
10am Pentecost 22
7pm Worship

Sunday 28 October
10am Pentecost 23
7pm Worship – Communion

Sunday 4 November
10am All Saints
7pm Worship

Sunday 11 November
10am Pentecost 25
7pm Worship

Sunday 18 November
10am Pentecost 26
7pm Worship

Sunday 25 November
10am Christ the King
7pm Worship – Communion

Sunday 2 December
10am Advent 1
7pm Worship

Sunday 9 December
10am Advent 2 – Quarterly Communion
7pm Worship – Quarterly Communion

Sunday 16 December
10am Advent 3
7pm Worship

Sunday 23 December
10am Advent 4
7pm Worship

Monday 24 December
10:50pm Christmas Eve Service

Tuesday 25 December
10am Christmas Day Service

Sunday 30 December
10am Christmas 1
7pm Worship – Communion

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