Sunday Worship

10am and 7pm

For added warmth,  and energy conservation, evening services are being held in the Gathering Area

Upcoming Services

Sunday 1 July
10am Pentecost 6 – ‘Perspectives on healing’
7pm Turangawaewae 5: Health – A conversation with Dr Mavis Duncanson, Director, New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service, Dunedin School of Medicine

Sunday 8 July
10am Pentecost 7 – Matariki
7pm Turangawaewae 6: Matariki

Sunday 15 July
10am Pentecost 8
7pm Turangawaewae 7: Violence

Sunday  22 July
10am Pentecost 9
7pm Turangawaewae 8: Sufficiency in Aotearoa

Sunday 29 July
10am Pentecost 10
7pm Turangawaewae  9: Sufficiency in the world – Communion

Sunday 5 August
10am Pentecost 11
7pm Turangawaewae 10: What are we hungering and thirsting for?

Sunday 12 August
10am Pentecost 12
7pm Turangawaewae 11: What is quality of life?

Sunday 19 August
10am Pentecost 13
7pm Turangawaewae 12: Eating

Sunday 26 August
10am Pentecost 14
7pm Turangawaewae – Communion

Sunday 2 September
10am Pentecost 15
7pm Worship

Sunday 9 September
10am Pentecost 16 – Quarterly Communion
7pm Worship – Quarterly Communion

Sunday 16 September
10am Pentecost 17
7pm Worship

Sunday 23 September
10am Pentecost 18
7pm Worship

Sunday 30 September
10am Pentecost 19
7pm Worship – Communion

Sunday 7 October
10am Pentecost 20 – World Communion
7pm Worship


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