Sunday Worship

10am and 7pm

Upcoming Services


Sunday 18 March
10am Lent  5  – ‘From buried seed, fruitfulness’
7pm Worship – ‘The rescurer’

Sunday 25 March
10am Palm Sunday
7pm Worship – Communion

Holy week
5:30pm Monday – Wednesday

Thursday 29 March
7pm – Maundy Thursday

Friday 30 March
10am – Good Friday service
7pm – Good Friday vigil, held at Holy Name

Sunday 1 April
10am Easter Day
7pm Worship

Sunday  8 April
10am Easter two
7pm Worship

Sunday  15 April
10am Easter three
7pm Worship

Sunday  22 April
10am Easter four
7pm Worship

Sunday  29 April
10am Easter five
7pm Worship – Communion

Sunday 6 May
10am Easter six
7pm Worship

Sunday 13 May
10am Ascension
7pm Worship

Sunday 20 May
10am Pentecost
7pm Worship

Sunday 27 May
10am Trinity
7pm Worship – Communion


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