(Picture shows artwork by Jill Pelto ‘Landscape of Change’ and the title of our art competition: Art for Earth’s Sake!! Cool Art for a Cool Climate)

General Info

Knox Church called on Dunedin artists to contribute to our Art Exhibition. Its aim is to highlight the emergency of our changing climate, kaitiakitanga and our need to protect it . There is a rising tide of concern about global warming, in Dunedin, too, but much of it appeals to panic and alarm. This is understandable, but it needs to be complemented by a positive vision for the future. Art can help to nurture this.
The connection between faith and art goes back centuries, if not millennia. In addition the biblical focus on Creation, Exodus, the prophetic call for justice, and the call for a New Creation offer perspectives urgently needed at this time.
The intention of the exhibition that art will be showcased in and around Knox Church. We are hoping to encourage an intergenerational representation of the state of our world now and ideas of where our world could be heading. It is a place to lament, have hope and be creative.

Exhibition runs until  Sunday 13 October 2019


Primary School
Intermediate School
High School
Tertiary student

(Photo shows landscape artwork of recycled bottle caps)




(Photo shows art exhibit of a ocean creature filled with rubbish)




(Photo shows turtle on waves made of recycled plastics and other materials)