Who we are

Knox Church
449 George Street
(corner of Pitt St and George St)
Dunedin 9001

Phone: (03) 477 0229


A community following Jesus, joining God’s Spirit active in the world.


A growing movement of people with courage to live the way of Jesus.

What’s our flavour?

We encourage exploration and diversity.  We do not expect people to have one view.  We have people who are exploring Christianity from other faiths.  We have new Christians and old Christians.  We are diverse culturally.  We have people whose faith has helped them through extremely difficult circumstances and people whose faith causes them problems. There is a lot of energy for inquiry and exploration.
Our heritage of music – of organ and choir – has evolved and continues to evolve to resonate with people’s experiences and faith today.
We try to bring good scholarship to Bible and theology and church.  We host world scholars and have people who have spent a life-time studying the faith.
We have a tradition of prayer and spirituality that is true to us: honest, authentic, genuine.  Our faith is not dryly intellectual or unemotional or detached.
There is a spirit of inclusion. We seek to follow the boundary-crossing Jesus.  We can discuss controversial subjects without being consumed by competing claims to truth. That is much more than tolerance.
We have a stream of new people, bringing fresh questions and challenges and energy.
We have children and young people who are articulate and thoughtful, who inspire and educate us.
We engage our local community on issues of justice.  Many are engaged in political or community movements.
We have a heritage of going to people where they are, rather than expecting them to come to us – Donald Stuart was the first minister of Knox and had a remarkable ministry of visiting people in their homes.
We seek to be part of the action of the Holy Spirit, at our door step, drawing us into her life in the community, inviting us to be part of her action out on the street, in the shops and hospital and university and polytechnic and work places, in the lives of people, in the questions and spirit of people beyond us.

Kerry EnrightMinister

Rev. Dr Kerry Enright

Email : minister@knoxchurch.net
Landline: (03) 477 0229 Extension: 2
Mobile: 027 467 5542

I have been at Knox since May 2014 and a minister since 1983, in diverse roles. I grew up in small town Aotearoa and our family have lived in that area for over 800 years.  Toku maunga ko Taupiri.  Toku awa ko Waikato. Toku waka ko Tainui.  Toku marae ko Oraeroa at Port Waikato.  I came to faith as a student. I served in congregations in Whanganui and Ashburton and for ten years was Assembly Executive Secretary of the national church, the  Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.  That role took me into nearly every part of the country.  I related to a wide range of churches in NZ and overseas.  I relish multi-cultural variety.  For seven years I was National Director of UnitingWorld, the international partnerships agency of the Uniting Church in Australia and was based in Sydney.  I experienced the exciting spirit of the world-wide church including in China and other parts of Asia, Africa and the Pacific.  I practised law in Auckland before becoming a minister.  I have theology degrees from Otago and Princeton, USA, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from San Francisco.   I am married to Mavis who is a public health physician working in the Medical School.  We have three wonderful adult children.  I enjoy walking, movies, gardening and reading, and the odd time we can take our small boat on to an Otago lake.  I plan to reduce my golf handicap. I love the intellectual challenge and people interaction in being a parish minister and am on a journey of learning how to follow Jesus.


Jacqui Carroll

Church Office hours: Monday – Friday 9am-12noon

Email : admin@knoxchurch.net
(03) 477 0229 Extension: 1

Facilities Officer


Council Clerk

Alison Tait

Email: councilclerk@knoxchurch.net

I initially trained and worked in the area of Human Resources.  Of latter years I have returned to educational administration and am currently Department Manager for the Pathology Department, Dunedin School of Medicine.  I have been a member of Knox since arriving in Dunedin in 1989.   Prior to coming to Dunedin I lived in Christchurch where as a child I attended with my family – St Andrews Church (now St Andrews at Rangi Ruru) and as a teenager and Young Adult  at St Stephen’s, Bryndwr (now The  Village Church)
My involvement in the life of Knox has been as a Convenor of Worship Committee, Convenor of Friends of Choir and a member of the choir.  I served briefly on Council some five or six years ago.  My election to the Council and to the position of Clerk in 2015 has provided an opportunity to use my skills and work towards my dream for a vibrant, energetic community who share a belief and faith.   On a wider church front, I am Deputy Chair of Workplace (Southern) Support Board (ITIM) and a member of the Presbyterian Church’s Assembly Business Committee for the 2016 Assembly. A number of years ago I served on a Presbyterian Church Working Party for Conditions of Employment for Ministers
My relaxation time is spent pursing musical interests, and doing various handcrafts, reading and taming a rather unruly garden.

Clerk of the Deacons Court

Suzanne Bishop

Email: deaconscourt@knoxchurch.net
(03) 476 3271

Organist & Choir Director

Karen Knudson

Email: kknudson@xtra.co.nz


Janice Tofia

Email: treasurer@knoxchurch.net
(03) 473 9876

Planned Giving Secretary

Helen Thew

Email: plannedgiving@knoxchurch.net
(03) 471 2147

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