Notices & Roster

Public Lecture

Dr Sami Awad, Holy Land Trust, Bethlehem “Healing, transformation and nonviolence: Peace-making in the Holy Land”.  Monday 11 September 6:15pm, St David Lecture Theatre.

To be introduced by Vice Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne, and followed by supper 7:30pm in the All Saints Anglican Church Hall, 786 Cumberland St (near the lecture theatre).
All welcome – please come and bring your friends.



17 September

24 September

1 October


David Mann’s team

David Mann’s team

David Richardson’s team


Helen Shaw’s team

Helen Shaw’s team

Donald Shand’s team

 Flower arranging

Kay Belsey

Kay Belsey

Janice Crerar

 Call to Worship

Kate Tofia

Jack Hanan

 Candle Bearer

Billie White

Lachlan Crumpton

Jesse Hanan

 Reading (am)

John Rough

George Petersen

Melville Carr


John Elder

Warren Jowett

 Reading (pm) Pat Hoffman Warren Jowett tba
 Worship Support

John Rough

Warren Jowett

Melville Carr


Pat Hoffman
Rosemary Tarbotton

Donald Shand
Alison Tait

Linda Holloway
Stephen Packer


Rosemary Tarbotton
Anna Tarbotton

 Morning tea

Errol Holland & Sandra Goodchild

Janice & David Crerar

Annette Hannah & Kay Belsey


Janice Crerar

Pat Hoffman

Linda Holloway

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