Church Council

The Church Council governs the life of the congregation, provides spiritual oversight and pastoral care and leads in mission including in the wider community.

Our Strategic Plan 2014-17

Meet our Church Council…

Donald Shand – Moderator
Donald ShandI became a member of Knox Church in 2007 and since that time have come to value being part of church community from which I can learn and draw strength and with whom I can explore solutions to today’s deeper problems.
For me learning to live the Jesus way is at its most simple being loving when my inclination is to be otherwise, being brave when my self-consciousness shrieks “don’t” and being wise when it might be more fun to be foolish.
Formal roles that I have undertaken include on the personnel committee, as part of the group looking into a new structure for Knox, on the 150th Anniversary committee, as a Church Council member where I am now into my second three year term and as a member of the Knox Foundation. Earlier this year I accepted Kerry’s invitation to be Council Moderator.

Alison Tait – Council Clerk
I initially trained and worked in the area of Human Resources.  Of latter years I have returned to educational administration and am currently Department Manager for the Pathology Department, Dunedin School of Medicine.  I have been a member of Knox since arriving in Dunedin in 1989.   Prior to coming to Dunedin I lived in Christchurch where as a child I attended with my family – St Andrews Church (now St Andrews at Rangi Ruru) and as a teenager and Young Adult  at St Stephen’s, Bryndwr (now The  Village Church)
My involvement in the life of Knox has been as a Convenor of Worship Committee, Convenor of Friends of Choir and a member of the choir.  I served briefly on Council some five or six years ago.  My election to the Council and to the position of Clerk in 2015 has provided an opportunity to use my skills and work towards my dream for a vibrant, energetic community who share a belief and faith.   On a wider church front, I am Deputy Chair of Workplace (Southern) Support Board (ITIM) and a member of the Presbyterian Church’s Assembly Business Committee for the 2016 Assembly. A number of years ago I served on a Presbyterian Church Working Party for Conditions of Employment for Ministers
My relaxation time is spent pursing musical interests, and doing various handcrafts, reading and taming a rather unruly garden.

Chris Bloore – Operations
Chris BlooreChris served on the Board of Managers at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Christchurch while studying at Canterbury University.  Chris spent 19 years in four different roles at the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute in Palmerston North where he served on the St Andrew’s Parish Council and the National Church Ministry Committee.  In 1990 he moved to Dunedin with his wife Jane who was training for the Presbyterian ministry.  Chris set up as a self-employed international consultant engineer and industrial trainer.  At Knox, Chris has been a Deacon, serving on the property and finance committees, and more recently has served on Council.  Helping to get Knox beyond mere survival is his current focus.

Pat Hoffman – Caring Community
Pat HoffmanTrust in God and in the abilities of my fellow Council members give me confidence as I carry out my own responsibilities on the Council.
Currently these are to be Co-Convenor of the Caring Community Goal Group and to be Council’s representative on the Dunedin Interfaith Council.
I believe strongly in the “sanctity” of each individual and of diverse faiths.
I believe that all people should be respected, valued and cared for.
Positive interaction and connectedness are to be fostered between peoples and cultures no matter how small or how large the group.
As a Justice of the Peace I value the interaction when people come to my home and I am able to help them in a practical way and sometimes in a counselling role. These encounters are not dissimilar to church visitors engaging with parishioners in their own homes, and these are also occasions which I greatly value.
I am a retired Primary School Principal now working part-time at the local Maori Immersion School, Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Otepoti where I teach English and Music.
I am married to Marshall and have one son, Paul, and two beautiful grand-daughters.
Paul is a teacher in South Africa.  It was a time of great joy for me when it was possible for my elder granddaughter, Emily, to be baptised in Knox Church, Dunedin, at Christmas 2013.
Knox Church Dunedin is my faith community, the centre of interaction within the congregation.
With the blessing of God, the guidance of the Council’s Strategic Plan, and with the Minister and fellow Council members, my goal is to do my best to sustain, retain and grow its people and its structure.

Stephen Packer

Stephen’s first connection with Knox was in the sixties when as a student he and Helen attended occasional evening service to listen to Rev Doug Storkey, and returned to join as members during David Grant’s tenure. In the interim they had been in Wellington, Glasgow and Christchurch and were in communion in various Open Brethren assemblies, then a few years of transition at Hanover Street / DCBC before coming to Knox.  The quality of the preaching, of the music and the fellowship within the congregation keep us linked.   Out of church activities revolve around home, the cottage at Bannockburn, family, especially grandchildren, and some continuing activity on the surgical side, clinical at Mercy and administrative with the SDHB,  including involvement with the Chaplaincy Support Trust. Recreational activities include flyfishing, painting, making the occasional donkey, gardening, grape-growing and winemaking, and falling out of apricot trees .

Jill Rutherford
Jill RutherfordBorn and raised in Canada, Jill has been living in NZ for the past 14 years. She is married to Dave Hanan and has 2 boys, Jack (13) and Jesse (almost 11). Dave and Jill were married at Knox, and the boys were baptised here as well.
Jill’s faith roots lie firmly in the Prairie Social Gospel of building the kingdom here on earth. Her father’s people were all Scottish Presbyterians while her mother’s people were Methodist teetotallers and low-church Anglican. Although like many people she went ‘off’ the church in her late teens and early 20s, Jill was drawn back by the lucid arguments of C.S. Lewis’ “Surprised by Joy”; she knew exactly what he meant by being “the most reluctant convert”! Her faith still blows hot and cold, and would say she feels a stronger relationship to God than Jesus mainly because she got so turned off by American Pentecostal televangelists. She describes her faith as unorthodox, questioning, liberal but not New Age. She admires the Quakers and the Unitarians and has a strong interest in inter-faith dialogue, having grown up in a very Jewish neighbourhood and has close Muslim friends here in Dunedin.
Jill was a journalist before taking a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies at the University of Toronto’s Centre for the Study of Religion. There she was introduced to the usual characters (Barth, Niebuhr, Tillich and not inspired by any of them particularly) but was finally turned on by Heidegger. Her thesis is on Heidegger’s Question Concerning Technology and whether it gives us an ethical framework for evaluating such brave new world technologies as cloning.
Jill is a former Media Advisor for the University of Otago and is now a full-time mum and volunteer extraordinaire. She enjoys keeping relatively fit (rowing, cycling, walking, gym, etc), painting, and singing her heart out. She still thinks deep thoughts.

Anna Tarbotton – Worship
Anna TarbottonHello!
I have been coming to Knox for most of my (nearly) 30 years. There were a few recently when I lived in Christchurch but still made an occasional appearance. I started coming before I was born with my mum, Rosemary Tarbotton.
When I was 8 years old I started singing in the choir along with my sister, Erin. I really love being in the choir –one of my interests is choral singing. I often can be found at Junior Choir helping where I can as well.
This year I am really looking forward to learning how the church is run, and how I can use my talents for God and for the benefit of the congregation.  Please, when you see me around, grab me for a talk.  I’d love to get to know you better.

Rosemary Tarbotton – Education
rosemaryI am Deputy Head of Cumberland College residence for 325 first year Uni students. I have been in this position for 5 years, was formerly a nurse and have also worked extensively in hospitality.
Wife of Gavin and mother of 4 wonderful children – Anna, Erin, James and Grace. Favourite things to do are sing, cook, read a good book, catch up with friends and family and enjoy a glass of good wine. I love Knox Church and am willing to do what I can to make it a warm, welcoming and financially viable home for all.