Knox Strategy

Knox Church Mission, Vision and Three Year Strategy
(October 2014 – September 2017)



A community following Jesus, joining God’s Spirit active in the world.


A growing movement of people with courage to live the way of Jesus.

Strategic Outcomes

In three years we will be known for:
1.  The depth of our relationships, where people say they feel connected to and engaged with one another;
2.  Our positive experience of cultural, demographic and theological diversity;
3.  Worshipping in a variety of styles;
4.  A developing strategic partnership in pursuit of an agreed social goal;
5.  The involvement of and engagement with students (including secondary and tertiary);
6.  Making a positive contribution to the life of the city.

Strategic Actions

1.  We will increase the quality and quantity of pastoral visiting and related activities so people strengthen and maintain their connections with each other and with Knox Church.
2.  We will seek closer relationships with other congregations worshipping in Knox buildings and with local communities from overseas partner churches and we will welcome the contribution of people’s cultures of origin in our communal life.
3.  We will establish a wider range of worship styles, trialling and testing new formats and schedules, developing new congregations in doing so.
4.  We will develop community outreach objectives and find and work with strategic partners to advance them.
5.  We will expand our student contacts and networks, consistently listen to and engage with students, and develop and publicise worship and other activities to involve students.
6.  We will authorise and support Knox spokespersons to speak out in light of the Gospel on issues of critical importance for the city.

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