This week’s services, Sunday 17 December:  Advent  3

10am  All age worship with Sunday School play

7pm Choral Service – Nine Lessons and Carols

Last week’s sermon Tear open the heavens and come down can be read by following the link
Previous week’s sermons can be found by following this link

Find the Simple Centre Again –
Advent and Christmas  at Knox Church 2017

Advent and Christmas, like an over-stretched stocking, can get filled with stuff and busyness. Instead, Knox offers the opportunity to find the simple centre again, in the presence of the Christ-child. See the Knox website for updates.

Advent Retreat

Knox and Holy Name are joining in a daily retreat in the second week of Advent, from 10 to 17 December.  It is not too late to be part of the Retreat. If you would like to take part, please email

Remembering with tokens on the tree

We care for those who don’t feel particularly merry at this time of the year as we remember loved family members who have passed away or special friends and family members unable to be with us during the festive season. If you wish you could select a special decoration of your choosing to hang on the Christmas tree in the sanctuary to remember them.
This can be done at any time during the services leading up to Christmas.
A special candle will be lit on Christmas Day as we remember and include these loved family members and friends.
All these special decorations will be carefully taken down for storage or return on Sunday 7 January.

Making Christmas trees

Groups in the church are invited to make Christmas trees reflecting their life and pointing to Christ. These will be located around the Church and celebrated on 17 December.

Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy is an online resource calling people to – Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All – four tenets to guide ourselves, our families and our church through the season of preparation for Christmas.

The Advent Wreath

Candles representing faith, hope, love and joy will be lit each Sunday in worship on a New Zealand themed wreath.

Counting down to Christmas

Each Sunday in Advent, we will be unwrapping a parcel revealing different dimensions of the Christmas story.

Christian World Service Christmas Appeal

We are encouraged to give to the Christmas Appeal of the Presbyterian Church’s official agency, Christian World Service. Leaflets are available from the church office and the website is


(morning worship will have some focus on the psalm for the day)


Advent Three – 17 December
10am Sunday School and Ahi Kaa lead
7pm Nine Lessons and Carols

Advent Four – 24 December
10am – Psalm 89
10:50pm Pre-service carols led by Choir
11:30pm Service
(no 7pm service)

Christmas Day
  All Age Worship – Psalm 98


Riverside Church is a well-known New York Church.  On its webpage is a podcast – the Church is Not – which is  a good introduction to the identity of the church.   I commend it to you ..

Riverside Church







An intro from me

The decision of the US President to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has been strongly criticised by Christian leaders in the Middle East. Here is one contribution from Mitri Raheb, a distinguished Christian leader who spoke at the General Council meeting of the World Communion of Reformed Churches earlier this year.

Mitri Raheb’s theological reflection on Trump’s speech:
The Christmas story starts with an imperial decree signed by Caesar Augustus. As I was watching President Trump’s address yesterday evening on our TV, I could not help but think of the so-called Balfour Declaration signed 100 years ago when the British empire promised Palestine to the European Jews as their national homeland. Trump’s address yesterday was indeed another such imperial decree recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Again and again we, the Palestinian people, are sacrificed at the altar for imperial politics. In that sense nothing is new for us Palestinians. New is seeing a US administration abandoning international law and isolating itself from the larger international community. This is not only a disappointment to over one billion Muslim people for whom Jerusalem is Holy, but also a blow to an even larger Christian community who kept a vision for an inclusive Jerusalem shared by two peoples and three religions.
The situation is very volatile. Today the whole West Bank and Gaza are on strike. Our Dar al-Kalima University College is on strike too and we had to cancel our conference planned for today. The Palestinian people are in a state of mourning; mourning justice that was lost in the allies of power. And yet we do not believe in the power of Caesar but in the power of Christ, born in Bethlehem under occupation and crucified in Jerusalem by Roman authorities. Most of Caesars brought only bloodshed, destruction, and animosity to Jerusalem because they were not able to realize “what makes for peace”. No decree will deter us from working for a just peace in Jerusalem. We will continue to raise the next generation of creative leaders for Jerusalem and to grow hope all over Palestine. This is Christ’s legacy in this country and we are determined to keep it alive.
We ask our friends to pray for us, our staff, our teachers, students and their families. We ask our partners to raise their prophetic voice in political advocacy. We ask our supporters to continue thinking of the little town not only because of Christmas but especially now at times like these.
Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb


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Presbyterian Research Centre

Follow this link to see this month’s new books in the Hewitson Library,

Please email Hewitson Library if you would like to place a hold on any of these…

Set on the Journey

Follow  Nic Haslam through his experiences living and teaching in South Korea. Read Nic’s ‘Spring Update’ at  Nic’s blog

Catching up with teachers from school in Jeonju’s Hanok Village.

Upcoming events at Knox Church

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  1. We enjoyed your service tonight and the chance to spend time with you sharing a cuppa. We appreciated the accuracy of your website with service times and details of each service.
    A friendly welcoming congregation, thanks Mavis.
    Bev and Clive


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